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PostSubject: application   Thu Feb 28, 2008 2:11 pm

Character name: Flamingfury

Class & race: Mage human

Professions & skill: Tailoring 360 (soon 375)

Any special recipies/crafts?: not currently Smile but spellfire specialist

Your gear (just post a link to your armory page) (says im in Tribute but im in the alt guild)

Raiding experience: SSC/TK on main

Current/previous guilds: Eminance my mains alt guild

Reasons for leaving: want to raid casually and be sociable Very Happy

What do you expect to find in Ninja kittens?: Fun and friends Razz

What can Ninja kittens expect from you?: a reliable mage

Do you have vt?: ofc

Do you know how to use it?: ofc

Do you follow orders?: yes

Do you have omen/ktm threath meater and now how to use it?: yarr

Some info about you: i like cookies Smile i like to do instances and i like to talk.. alot
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