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 Mariekiks 70 Mage

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PostSubject: Mariekiks 70 Mage   Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:34 pm

Character name: Mariekiks

Class & race: Gnomage =P

Professions & skill: 366 tailoring atm and i just startet lvling herbalism up.
Any special recipies/crafts?: Not yet =(

Your gear (just post a link to your armory page):

Raiding experience: I havent got any raid experience in TBC yet. i just startet playing again after a 2,5 year period were i havent played. But pre-TBC i have cleared allmost everything exept naxx.

Current/previous guilds: Im in Lazy lions atm, wich is a irl friend guild.

Reasons for leaving: I want to raid before the new expansion comes.

What do you expect to find in Ninja kittens?: Friendly and skilled players, who wants to progress in raids.

What can Ninja kittens expect from you?: Im a dedicated player who knows his class, and im a fast learner, so trying new encounters and learning tactics are not a problem.

Do you have vt?: yes

Do you know how to use it?: yep

Do you follow orders?: SIR Yes SIR =P

Do you have omen/ktm threath meater and now how to use it?: I dont have omen yet, but i will get it asap if i join. and threath meter i have =P

Some info about you:

My name is Jesper Henriksen, im 19 years old and from Fredericia, Denmark.
Im atm taking an apprenticeship as an electrician.
I have recently started gaming again after a period of 2,5 year, and i would like to see the endgame content or atleast some of it before the new expansion =P

Regards Mariekiks =)
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Mariekiks 70 Mage
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