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 Gnome warrior

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PostSubject: Gnome warrior   Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:49 pm

Character name:Ruch

Class & race: Gnome warrior

Professions & skill: bs 216, mining 113
Any special recipies/crafts?:

Your gear (just post a link to your armory page):

Raiding experience: 5 bosses in kara

Current/previous guilds: Hardcore

Reasons for leaving: they disband

What do you expect to find in Ninja kittens?: Friends

What can Ninja kittens expect from you?: funny guy

Do you have vt?: Yes

Do you know how to use it?: yes

Do you follow orders?: yes

Do you have omen/ktm threath meater and now how to use it?: yes

Some info about you: i come from sweden in stochkolm, i'm 13 year and i wanna join this guild becus my friend Melly say its a good guild Smile, i love to play basketball
Things we dont accept:
Ninja looters


Aggresive players
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Gnome warrior
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